1 MIDI keyboard (minimum of 2 octaves, 24 keys) to control his synthesizer, plus stand (with power adaptor, No USB)

  • 1 Table, 2,5 meters x 1 meter
  • A desk lamp with white light!!
  • Mixing desk
    with faders, 4 mono channels and 4 STEREO (!!) channels minimum, pre and post switches for fx, three range EQ and - most important! -  2 aux out-sends
  • 2 Line-outs from stage mixer to main mixer FOH
  • 2 good monitor speakers
  • Mika Vainio can either use 1/4 inch (jack) and XLR for output
  • Strong, good quality PA
    Powerfull subwoofers should go down to 20 Hz
    Overall range 20 Hz - 20 kHz
  • No visuals during concert
  • Latest time to start his concert is 0:00!


  • Mika Vainio will bring a case of approx. 20 kg which includes :
    Korg SX sampler/ sequencer, Lexicon FX unit, Vermona Mono Lancet synthesizer, OTO sound processing unit.


All questions to be directed to INFO[AT]MIKAVAINIO.COM or to BOOKING@MIKAVAINIO.COM